• Vegetable Kurma

    Mixed Vegetable Kurma goes well with anything – roti,rice,bread etc.

    Vegetable Kurma Recipe | South Indian Mixed Vegetable Korma | Mixed veg kuruma | Saravana bhavan style kurma recipe | vwin徳赢官方www.ecotenda.com

    A typical south Indian recipe,this mixed vegetable kurma is commonly served in restaurants with Parotta or Idiyappam.

    The coconut based gravy works well with rice,roti,bread or anything,really!The flavors,although intense,are derived from very few ingredients.A quick search will reveal multiple ways of spelling this,but its basically just a simple side-dish made with a lot of vegetables in a coconut gravy!!

  • Veg Maharaja Mac

    Inspired by the Indian-style burgers by McDonald's,here is a recipe for the double-decker Veg Maharaja Mac!!

    Veg Maharaja Mac Recipe | Double-Layer Vegetarian Indian-style Burgers

    I lovemaking burgersat home.As a vegetarian,the burger patty options really only consist of veggies or some form of cheese.But despite the limited choices,there are tonnes of flavors one could experiment with.Take this veg maharaja mac for example.

    It has been inspired by the burger sold in India by McDonald's.It may not taste exactly the same,but it comes close.With a cheesy-corn base and a delectable sauce (that takes 2 minutes to put together),this double-layer burger is a treat!!

  • Vegetarian Bean Chili

    Make this spicy Mexican Vegetarian Bean Chili that is excellent as a one pot meal or with rice or bread.

    Spicy Vegetarian Bean Chili Recipe | Step by step pictures | Mexican Vegan Chili recipe by vwin徳赢官方Foodomania.com

    This Vegetarian Bean Chili is just a different version of the Indian Rajma Masala.When you swap the spices and slightly modify the way you cook an ingredient,you get a whole new dish!!

    This chili is great as is.Heat a bowl of this high-protein stew and enjoy a healthy,wholesome meal.Or alternatively,serve some crusty bread or a pot of rice to make it an even more elegant meal.