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How to prevent cake top from burning (or cracking)

I really don't know if people face this problem.但我有,因此-这篇文章!😀 I remember how every cake I tried in my new convection oven turned up burnt on top and cracked in so many places.Even if I followed the recipe exactly,外皮会很快变脆变褐色,而里面的肉还是生的。Obviously,我们不能吃生蛋糕,所以我不得不让它烤得太多了。The crust was burnt and tasted bad.我花了一段时间来调整一些事情,找到正确的事情去做!😀


The temperature –when the temperature is set too high,the outside of your cake bakes fast while insides are still baking.而且烧饼的可能性更大。And it is also one of the reasons while there are splits on the cake.

my banana cake had a lot of cracks on top!!

Even if it is given in the recipe,you're oven settings may be different.所以试着在比食谱更低的温度下烘烤。我总是在150或160摄氏度的温度下烤蛋糕和巧克力蛋糕。I find that by doing this,蛋糕烤得很均匀,留下一层漂亮的外壳。Agreed it takes slightly longer than the usual time given in a recipe,but I'd rather bake longer & get a perfect cake than something like this huh?😀


How to prevent the cake top from burning

即使降低了温度,你的蛋糕好像还有一层厚厚的褐色外壳,then most likely there's a problem with the settings and the heat waves are uneven.然后你能做的就是用铝箔覆盖你的烤盘。This way,the top is protected from excessive heat!以下是你的做法-



III.Place the foil exactly on top of the baking dish (foil shouldn't be touching the batter)沿着铝箔画出烤盘的轮廓。

IV.Using your hands,tuck the foil in every place to perfectly cover the baking dish.

V.Bake as usual.In the last 5 or 6 minutes,你可以停止烤箱,去掉箔纸,让它烤一下,这样你就能得到那可爱的外壳。

PLEASE REMEMBER:如果烤盘的面糊不超过3/4或整盘,you cannot use the foil trick as it will just prevent the cake from rising.Use this only if the batter reaches half of slightly less than 3/4th of the baking dish.This way,even as the cake rises while baking,面糊粘不住箔纸。

也,you can't do this for cupcakes.

love the crust on this!Isn't it beautiful?😀


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