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我在这里有一个短的,有点破旧的岗位,为我的烘焙101系列!Shabby because I clicked the pictures in a hurry and it is obviously..好,shabby!😛 😀 But I think you're going to appreciate the knowledge (gyaan) I'm gonna share with you today!😀 That of setting the temperature correctly in a convection oven.它也包括预热!!Now,我不是一个专家面包师。But I have answered over 20 emails from different people asking vwin徳赢官方about the basics of baking,temperature,lining etc.这就是为什么我一开始烤101。请注意,每个烤箱各不相同。我分享的是我如何设定对流烤箱的温度。If you have an OTG,那就不一样了。So be sure to read the manufacturer's manual.

I own anOnida Black Beauty微波对流炉.I do mybaking,cooking,and微波in this very oven and barring a few mishaps in the beginning,this oven has been working perfectly for me.And one of the functions on any Convection Oven is :BAKE.And this is how you go vwin徳赢官方about it..

STEP 1:打开烤箱。😛

STEP 2: Turn the knob to the right and you'll see a list of options like ‘Heat,Grill,BakeCombi etc.选择“烘焙”选项并按一次“开始/输入”按钮。–again,ovens vary so you have to read manufacturer's manual to know how to select the bake option

STEP 3:按Enter/Start时,烤箱显示其默认温度。(200 C in mine).Rotate to reach the desired temperature as per the recipe.

步骤4:再次点击开始/输入按钮。The default tine is shown at 0:00.If you want to preheat the oven,然后再次点击开始/输入按钮without setting the时间。

STEP 5: The oven will start pre heating.There are small lines in my oven which shows when the oven reaches the set temperature.一旦达到温度,它就会发出哔哔声。(如果你不停在这里,它还会继续升温,没关系)

STEP 6: Once the oven beeps,点击停止按钮一次。

STEP 7: Open the oven door.You will notice that the time is re-set at 0:00.不要按开始键

步骤8: Put the baking tin in.

STEP 9:此时,set the required time you want by rotating the knob to the time.(或者不管你怎么做)

第十步:关上门。And now you press the start button!Finally,you're baking is happening!哎呀!😀

Again,我不能过分强调我们的烤箱可能会有所不同。vwin徳赢官方So you will have to read the instruction manual.But this can be the basic blueprint to preheating your oven 🙂

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